Aussie Pokies

Players can enjoy best gaming experience by playing Aussie Pokies and for more information they can check out Aussie Pokies Review.

Aussie Pokies

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What’s New

  • Swipe functionality is improved to let players to wipe between screens on ICS devices.
  • Reel graphics of slots are improved and made impressive. Also, the spinning reel animation of pokie is made smoother.

Aussie Pokies, it is an Australian themed slot machine. This pokie features wild symbols, five paylines along with an auto play feature. The lowest worth symbol is ant eater, which is also called as Echinda. It pays you 10 times more than the initial bet. The ant eater seen is most commonly viewed as lucky symbol.


  • The next highest paying symbol is platypus, and pay back extensive 15 to 1.
  • The kangaroo pokie symbol’s return is more when compared to platypus with 20x return.
  • The next three slot symbols are an Aussie take on classic slot machine triple seven symbols. Here, 7s come with koala.
  • The highest paying pokie symbol and being wild is Australian flag. The meaning is any series can be completed that is part of.
  • The Aussie Pokies casino game lets you to adjust bet paylines, sizes and configure multiple auto play functions.
  • Also, there is a feedback area that lets you know how much you won on last spin and reading payout lines are easy.
  • Aussie Pokies is the best and the logical option for anyone who is looking for slot machines that makes you feel like you are playing at the real Online casino.

Australia Pokies


  • Slide feature is new, which permits players to slide between screens.
  • New update lets you retain credit balance gained from your previous play.

Australian Pokies

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